Are Your Powdered Metal Impregnated Parts Really Clean?

    In today's competitive manufacturing environment, the choice of an impregnating resin system for Powder Metal parts is clear and clean. The IPM System from IMPCO.

    The P/M race is on.  To beat competition, powdered metal manufacturers worldwide are working to develop higher-performance, higher-density P/M parts at a lower cost.  But only those who innovate to maintain high yield rates and increased cost efficiencies will win.

    By properly impregnating P/M parts for machining, tool chatter, wear and breakage are reduced.  Part yield rate is increased.  And if you're going to coat or plate the surface of those parts, or if you need pressure tight parts, or better machining, you'll get better results with proper resin impregnation.

    Key to such attainment is the increasing importance of cleaner P/M part impregnation and the technology which delivers it.  As new P/M materials and applications are engineered, IMPCO is introducing impregnation materials and processes to make them work even better and cleaner.  Case in point:  the IPM Series resins, IMPCO's new variable temperature, impregnation resin system for P/M parts.  Thanks to its unique chemistry and corporate parentage, IPM Series resins are the focal point for an impregnation system which sets new standards for cleanliness, part consistency, energy efficiency, and resource recovery.

    The system behind the solution.

    Improperly impregnated P/M parts present their own unique set of problems.  Poor washing leaves resin on part surfaces, resulting in spotty success in plating and coating.  A faulty process also creates machining problems such as tool chatter you can practically hear.  Inadequate equipment in your operation may force you to bear the cost burden of excessive drag-out.  Or you may be working with a resin that fails to fill the part completely and effectively.

    IMPCO's special impregnation cell has been designed to eliminate these problems once and for all.  In developing a total pre-treatment regimen, we've rewritten the rules on parts preparation and handling.  Equipment such as our Turbo Wash station employs a unique agitating and tumbling action designed to assure parts are cleaned thoroughly during the process.  Our centrifuged recovery technology limits resin waste and eases system waste treatment.

    For special applications, our unique waste treatment system allows for closed loop operation yielding added flexibility and economy in the impregnation process.  Depending on the resin system used, IMPCO can offer complete, closed-loop water treatment.  In one stroke, we can eliminate high water consumption and make a positive impact on effluent discharge.

    Cleanliness.  It's crucial to any P/M process.  It's a given with IMPCO.

    IPM Series:  Bringing the best of thermo-set cure to P/M.

    IMPCO has pioneered the concept of water-washability.  Long a benefit of our signature RC-80 thermoset resin series, the IPM Series resins mark the introduction of that same research and technology into the anaerobic marketplace.  In short, IMPCO has developed a new resin system that will "wash off" surfaces, yet will not "wash out" of P/M porosity prior to curing.  Simply put, IMPCO's controlled washability resins result in better sealing characteristics than other resins.

    It's a fact, without constant management many anaerobic resins can cure prematurely.  You can see it in your basket.  Using the IPM system reduces and virtually eliminates that danger without constant monitoring or the use of expensive equipment.  By curing at the best temperature for the job, the IPM process simply works better and more reliably.  Ask your IMPCO representative for details.

    We never bring a process to market until it's ready.  With the IPM Series, IMPCO offers the P/M marketplace variable temperature resins that live up to the IMPCO Process™ reputation for cleanliness and efficiency.

    The IPM process is ready for you now.

    Innovation is nothing new at IMPCO.

    In addition to P/M, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, IMPCO's family of impregnation resins can also be used to seal glass, ceramics, composites, and other non-metallic materials.  Fully cured, they are resistant to fuels, solvents, salts, acids, and freons.  They have excellent dielectric properties and are unaffected by copper-based alloys.

    IPM Process:  The complete benefits package.

    The benefits of applying the IPM approach to your impregnation requirements are many and varied.  Chief among them:

    1. IPM resins will work with most of your existing equipment or in a complete system from IMPCO.
    2. The IPM Series completely seals porosity in P/M parts.
    3. IPM Series resins will virtually eliminate tool chatter, a problem that was endemic to machining P/M parts until we set our minds to it.  Like all IMPCO resins, the IPM Series functions as a combination lubricant, stabilizer, and support for individual P/M particles.  As a direct result, tool life can be extended well over several hundred times.
    4. The IPM process brings to your impregnation line superior water-washability, resulting in unsurpassed cleaning characteristics.
    5. IPM process controls bleedout.  Thanks to the resin's thermoset technology and engineered physical characteristics, IPM resins are formulated to ensure complete penetration and problem-free cure.
    6. The IPM resin results in improved plating, coating and machining, by filling pores in substrates completely and effectively, while leaving no resin residue on part surfaces.
    7. IPM Systems reduce drag-out, resulting in a lower impregnation cost per unit.

    In sum, the IPM System is about money.  By employing the IPM process in your production schedule, you will achieve higher predictable part yield, lower overall cost, and more dollars

    Features and Specifications

    Curing temperature range

    Variable 25°C (77°F) to 90°C (194°F)

    Operating temperature range

    -55°C (-65°F) to 176°C (350°F)

    Intermittent operating temperature range

    -62°C (-80°F) to 262°C (450°F)


    >95°C (200°F)


    Light Amber

    Specific Gravity



    80 S.D.

    Typical Applications


    Fuel Systems

    Toy Components

    Electrical & Electronic Components


    ABS Brake Systems

    Air Conditioning Components

    Water & Fuel Pumps


    Builder's Hardware

    Costume Jewelry

    Hydraulic Systems


    Ceramic Parts


    You are invited to draw your own conclusions.  As long as you choose the right system.  Learn how you can put IMPCO to work on your P/M parts by calling us.

    Impregnation.  And only impregnation.

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