Welcome to the IMPCO Technology Library.  This portion of our website provides access to a variety of different information about Impregnation Technology and how it affects different applications and substrates. We hope you find this information useful, and will add new information and remove old or replaced technologies as the industry progresses.

    How Impregnation Makes Porous Parts Pressure Tight

    History of MIL Spec

    Impregnation Methods


    Vacuum Gauge Tech

    Micro Cracks

    Porosity Classification System Helps Determine Solutions to Casting Leaks

    Impregnating Powdered Metal Parts

    Are Your Powdered Metal Impregnated Parts Really Clean?

    About Electronic Component Sealing

    How Sodium Silicate Sealants Take Their Set
    For sodium silicate impregnation sealants to be effective when sealing against other compounds made up of water, the sodium silicate must be cured properly....

    Sealing Tooling For The Thermoforming Industry
    Tooling used in the thermoforming industry that contains internal passages used to flow cooling water can leak if porosity of any kind is present...

    Frequently Asked Questions

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