Why Godfrey & Wing Services

     For All Your Impregnating, Cleaning and Degreasing, and Pressure Testing Needs


    Our capability runs from impregnating metal castings, powder metal parts, and electronic components, to exotic materials such as impregnating ceramic coatings and micro-cracked nickel/chrome. Godfrey & Wing strives to always provide reliable, leak free products.

    As part of our total commitment, we continually try to improve our quality processes.  From initial conversations with customers, we document every detail and write a process that will work for their specific problem.  Incoming part inspections lead to identification of the problem, followed by engineering a solution, testing, and retesting until we are positive your parts will be pressure tight, clean and on-time, everytime.

    Our staff of committed impregnating experts draws on over 50 years of impregnating experience.  Once we decide on a solution, we impregnate a sample and then ensure that it matches or improves on the original specifications brought to us by our customers.

    Incoming Inspection   
    With every new project, the incoming part is inspected for a complete understanding of what is causing a problem, and where exactly the problem is occuring. This is where communication with the part designer is critical to the success of the impregnation process.

    Identifying the Problem
    Once a complete understanding of how and where the part is used, our impregnation professionals brainstorm and identify a "Best Course of Action" for how the part should be impregnated and what processes and materials should be used to achieve success.

    Designing a Solution  
    With an identified "Best Course of Action" decided upon, the impregnation process is checked using a computer program to fine tune any adjustments to the process, resins used, cycle times, etc...prior to actual impregnation.

    Impregnating For a Better Solution 
    Next, we produce a sample batch and test that the part is pressure tight, clean, and that it is a repeatable process.

    The Effect of Cycle Times 
    If any last minute adjustments are needed, they are programmed in at the Equipment Control Panel.

    Longer or shorter cycles, multiple cycles, etc...can all affect the success of the project.

    While testing is performed on samples to determine success and repeatability, IMPCO also offers a complete pressure testing service and can test and certify all your parts prior to returning them to you.  There will be no need for you, the customer, to perform any further testing prior to placing them into your production process.

    Every step of the way, we maintain thorough documentation of the process and any changes that may have been made throughout the process.  By maintaining such detailed documentation, later runs on the same part can be successfully repeated cost-effectively without the need to revisit proven methodologies. In depth documentation also provides an information trail that can be accessed, increasing success rates of future projects.

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