SMS - Surface Matrix Sealing

    Modern control actuating devices designed for hydraulic or gas high pressure operating conditions using low dynamic viscosity materials can exhibit leakage through secondary coatings.  This leakage is caused by the migration of the motive materials through the matrix formed by cracks, crystalant-like structures and other surface porosities found in the coatings themselves.

    To solve this leakage problem, we have developed a specialized impregnation process to seal these coatings called SMS Processing for surface matrix sealing.  This process involves thoroughly cleaning parts at elevated temperatures using very low viscosity, organic cleaners and impregnating the parts with enhanced impregnation processing.  The impregnate used is our RC80 Series materials, catalyzed with a low temperature catalyst. 

    Originally developed ten years ago, SMS Processing has since been used in marine, automotive, oil well, and other critical applications where wear or corrosion resistant coatings are applied to a metal substrate and these coatings exhibit migratory, small leakages through the crystalline matrices.

    SMS Processing is available at our East Providence, RI facility.

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