Electronic Components Sealing Services

    Make Connectors Corrosion Resistant

    • Anaerobic
      - Eliminates All Air From Connector
    • Cured at Low Temperature
    • Flexible Cure
    • Pressure Tight
      - Seals Against Leaks
    • Low Viscosity Sealant
      - Fills Smallest Leak Paths
    • Highly Resistant to Constant Temperature Cycling


    Ever since the very first connector was put into service, there have been problems with preventing corrosion and maximizing the life of the connection.




    We provide an intelligent solution for sealing connectors and other electronic components without the need to handle each and every part individually.


    Our Bulk Impregnation of electronic components not only provides a water tight, flexible seal on your electronics, it also offers the ability to seal your product on a massive scale.  We simply load your connectors, wiring harnesses, or other electronic components into our Polyflex 140 impregnating system, draw a vacuum, and allow resin to impregnate the connectors, wires, and any other porous areas on your component.  We then wash the parts, and deliver them back to you completely sealed and ready for service in harsh environments.

    Technical services provided by Ramsey Network Systems, Inc.