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    Our staff of impregnation experts draws on over 50 years of experience sealing porosity or leaks that cause an otherwise functional part or assembly to fail. We are happy to offer the knowledge and experience we have obtained through the years. Impco can provide consultation help to clients and engineer solutions to a variety of leak associated issues. Some of the areas we have solved leak and porosity problems in the past are:

    Porosity Problem Problem Manifestation Reference Page
    Aluminum Sealing Stopping leaks through the die casting permanent mold or sand casting walls AlumiSeal
    Aluminum Casting Porosity Liquids or gasses leak through the casting walls AlumiSeal
    Blind Porosity Porosity that does not connect through the cast wall and does not cause a leak Porosity Classification
    Carbon Impregnation Sealing carbon to prevent leakage of liquids or gasses Services
    Casting Impregnation Sealing casting to prevent leakage of liquids or gasses Services
    Casting Porosity Inclusions in castings generally caused by shrinkage or gases in the casting process which cause leakage in an otherwise sound casting Porosity Classification
    Casting Repair To make a casting functional through impregnation or other sealing processes Services
    Ceramic Coating Coating of ceramic materials that are generally applied in granular form and are porous and leak Ceramics
    Ceramic Porosity Areas of ceramic parts where there is no material making the part less than 100% dense Ceramics
    Chrome Plating Leak Prevention Leakage through the nano cracks in chrome Surface Matrix Sealing
    Cleaning Porosity Removal of dirt or contaminants from porosity Cleaning/Degreasing
    Continuous Porosity Porosity that looks like a worm hole through which liquids or gasses travel Porosity Classification
    Epoxy Resins Two part resin systems that react with one another to form a cured solid IMSEAL-800
    Epoxy Sealing Using epoxy to seal a leak or surface IMSEAL-800
    Leak Testing Testing a part to determine if it leaks or is fit for its purpose Pressure/Leak Testing
    Leaking Porosity Evidence of weeping, seeping or gushing of liquids through the wall of a casting or other solid looking part Porosity Classification
    Machining Leaks Leaks in a casting when machining removes metal and opens porosity between discrete surfaces Porosity Classification
    Machining Porosity Porosity that is uncovered during machining Porosity Classification
    Macro Porosity Porosity that is larger than 0.005" (0.127mm) and visible to the naked eye Porosity Classification
    Micro Porosity Porosity that is generally smaller than 0.005" (0.127mm) and not visually detectable Porosity Classification
    Mold Repair Sealing molds to prevent water or steam escaping to the mold surface and causing blemishes on the molded part Sealants
    Nano Porosity Porosity that is smaller than 0.0005" (0.0127mm) Porosity Classification
    Oil Leaks Leaks in castings or other parts that are designed to hold oil Sealants
    Porosity Pits Inclusions or imperfections in casting surfaces IMSEAL-800
    Porosity Solutions Solving problems of leaking parts caused by porosity Services
    Powder Metal Machining Shaping of powder metal to change part dimensions generally requiring impregnation for lubricity Powdered Metal Parts
    Powder Metal Plating Applying a coating to powder metal where impregnation will prevent plating acid bleed-out Solve Powder Metal Plating Problems
    Powder Metal Porosity Areas where granules of metal do not touch each other leaving an empty space between them Poreseal S
    Pressure Gas Leaks Leaks that cause the gas to escape through porosity in a casting or weld Sealants
    Resin Impregnation Using liquid resin as a sealant to stop leakage in a material or substrate Impregnation Methods
    Sealing Aluminum Aluminum castings account for 80% of the castings used and can be easily sealed by impregnation Sealants
    Sealing Castings Making structurally sound leaking castings pressure tight Sealants for Metal Castings
    Sealing Iron Porosity in cast iron parts that can be sealed by impregnation CastSeal
    Sealing Magnesium Magnesium castings generally have finer porosity and require enhanced processing PowRseal
    Sealing Porosity Filling porosity with materials such as resin that permanently seals the leak Sealants
    Sealing Powder Metal Sealing the voids between the necked metal granule in powder metal parts in a sintered state Poreseal S
    Through Porosity Porosity that connects one side of a wall with another through which liquid or gasses leak Porosity Classification
    Totally Enclosed Porosity Porosity enclosed within the wall of a casting or other part Porosity Classification
    Vacuum Impregnation Removing air from porosity to facilitate the introduction of sealants into the porosity to control leakage Impregnation Methods
    Water Leaks Leaks in castings or other parts that are designed to hold water Sealants
    Wire Connector Corrosion Areas where contaminants such as water combined with dissimilar materials cause corrosion Electronic Componant Sealing

    Our comprehensive approach includes an initial assessment and definition of the leak associated problems. From there, we determine the most cost effective approach to solve the problem. These solutions might involve changes in the manufacturing processes, new equipment, better leak testing, or new materials or application procedures. Contact us today for a thorough assessment of your issues.

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