IMPCO Service Center - East Providence, RI

    IMPCO Impregnating, Cleaning and Degreasing, and Certified Pressure/Leak Testing

    • Impregnating of
      • Castings
      • Powdered Metals
      • Electronic Components
      • Ceramic Parts
      • Micro-Cracked Nickel Chrome

    • Cleaning and Degreasing
    • Certified Pressure Testing

    IMPCO, Incorporated opened in 1951 to service the sealing needs of many northeast manufacturers. Impco's East Providence location now serves as the corporate headquarters and major resource and production facility. Here our impregnation job shop processes customer's parts to seal porosity on a contract basis. The shop specializes in several aspects of impregnation. Because of the size of our equipment, we are able to handle large parts such as housings, molds, and pumps. Similarly, the larger equipment allows us to continuously service our larger customers who have long production runs.


    IMPCO's Kleenpartz division has airless vapor degreasing equipment capable of processing parts up to 12 feet long. This high vacuum airless vapor degreasing process is also critical in providing sealed parts to meet very low helium leak test rates.




    Our leak testing services allow for complete testing and certification of customers parts with full documentation provided.

    IMPCO's highly skilled technical staff specializes in processing hard to seal porosity. Our years of experience and unique methods combined with our quality control provide you with leak tight and clean parts.

    Whether it is impregnation sealing services or any one of our other special services such as pressure testing, sealing very large castings, sealing gross porosity using our Imseal-800 or parts cleaning utilizing our airless high vacuum vapor degreaser, IMPCO is ready to solve your sealing problems quickly and efficiently.

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