Job Shop Services

    Put Your Porous Parts Back Into Production


    Our Full Service Job Shop Offers More Services for Castings, Powdered Metal, Ceramic Parts and Electronic Components... Let Us Handle All Your Parts From Cleaning to Impregnating to Final Leak Testing


    • Impregnating Services
    • Parts Cleaning and Degreasing
    • Pressure/Leak Testing

    Our job shop program is tailored to your specific needs. We'll provide a cost-effective solution and write a process to meet your individual specification. Our large autoclaves and specialized impregnation techniques allow our shops to handle virtually any size part, from the very smallest to parts weighing up to several tons.


    Why Choose IMPCO
    IMPCO offers job shop services that are second to none in the industry. Excellence is the norm for Impregnating metal castings, powder metal parts, and electronic components or exotic materials such as ceramic coatings and micro-cracked nickel/chrome. Additionally, we specialize in Cleaning and Degreasing Services and when needed, Pressure Testing per industry standards.


    Consulting Services



    Service Center

    IMPCO offers complete Impregnating, Cleaning and Degreasing, and Testing Services at their facility located in East Providence, RI.


    SMS - Surface Matrix Sealing
    Modern control actuating devices designed for hydraulic or gas high pressure operating conditions using low dynamic viscosity materials can exhibit leakage through secondary coatings. This leakage is caused by the migration of the motive materials through the matrix formed by cracks, crystalant-like structures and other surface porosities found in the coatings themselves.



    Impregnating Services
    Impregnating Services for Cast Metal, Powered Metal, Ceramic and Micro-Cracked Nickel/Chrome and Electronic Components, including On-Site services.


    Electronic Components Sealing Services
    IMPCO offers extensive capabilities when it comes to sealing Electronic Components such as connnectors used in automotive markets, shipping and shoreline equipment...


    Cleaning and Degreasing Services
    IMPCOs Parts Cleaning and Vapor Degreasing Service completely removes any oil and grease that may be on or inside your parts by using our unique parts cleaning technology.



    Pressure/Leak Testing Services
    IMPCO provides both aerostatic and hydrostatic leak testing to assure your castings don't leak. Full documentation of test procedures and results.

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