PowRseal™ One-Part Impregnating Resin

    PowRseal One-Part Impregnating Resin System for Metal Castings Delivers Unprecedented Ease-of-Use


    • One-Part Resin
    • Ready to Use From the Drum
    • Precatalyzed
    • Stable at Higher Temperatures
    • Excellent Sealing Characteristics
    • Washes Readily From Small Holes
    • Increases Efficiency in Your Manufacturing Process
    • Lowers Operating Costs
    • Meets U.S. Military and Industry Standards

    This Is What The Castings Industry Has Been Waiting For

    Those in the castings industry who impregnate are all too familiar with the problems presented by resins.  Some resins require hourly and daily quality control checks.  Some resins require expensive equipment, aeration or refrigeration.  Most resins require mixing and specialized handling.  Others stick on part surfaces leaving deposits, even after washing.  Some resins don't even fill the porosity completely.

    We Can Lighten Your Workload.

    Introducing PowRseal, the One-Step Impregnating Resin System that can make your life easier, and it works with your existing equipment.  Because it cures at the best temperature for the job, PowRseal produces cleaner impregnated parts.  And best of all, it can save your company a great deal of money.

    PowRseal Impregnating Resin Does The Job Of Two Chemicals - No Mixing.

    PowRseal combines resin and catalyst in one high-quality product - no measuring or mixing - fewer steps in your manufacturing process.

    PowRseal eliminates many of the problems associated with shop floor chemicals.  It takes resin management out of the hands of the less experienced. 

    For Ease Of Management, PowRseal Impregnation Resin Is The Solution.

    PowRseal requires a minimal amount of engineering attention with fewer quality checks... and that translates into less worry.

    Features and Specifications

    Curing temperature range

    90°C (195°F)

    Operating temperature range

    -55°C (-65°F) to 176°C (350°F)

    Intermittent operating temperature range

    -62°C (-80°F) to 262°C (450°F)

    Max. tested pressure resistance

    Maximum Casting Pressure Rating


    >95°C (200°F)


    Light Amber

    Specific Gravity



    80 S.D.

    Typical Applications


    Fuel Systems

    Electrical & Electronic Components

    Toy Components


    ABS Brake Systems

    Air Conditioning Components

    Water & Fuel Pumps


    Builder's Hardware

    Costume Jewelry

    Hydraulic Systems


    Ceramic Parts


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