Impregnating Sealants for Powdered or Sintered Metal Parts

    We offer two sealants designed to excel at impregnating powdered metal or sintered parts produced from Iron, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper Infiltrated and  Alloys containing Phosphorous.

    PoreSeal S and IPM provide excellent results for plating, machinability and pressure tightness.

    Godfrey & Wing solves tough plating problems through a proprietary process that utilizes 3 specific actions:

    1. The formulation of a unique resin designed for plating cast and P/M parts.
    2. Using uniquely engineered equipment designs.
    3. Applying proprietary processing techniques designed specifically to eliminate surface flaws caused by inferior impregnation processes.

    We Solve Plating Problems
    "The Impco Process"
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    • PoreSeal S is an Anaerobic room temperature curing low viscosity resin.
    • IPM is a Thermoset that cures at 195 degrees F

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    PoreSeal S Anaerobic Impregnating Resin
    For Powdered Metal Parts

    PoreSeal S is Impco's Anaerobic Resin for powdered metal parts. With its Progressive Dye Technology, ambient cure temperature, water recoverablity, and excellent rinsing and sealing, PoreSeal S is the industry standard in anaerobic Powder Metal sealants. It's superior chemistry provides for problem free curing and sealing of powder metal parts for excellent machinability, plating and pressure tightness.


    IPM is versatile and easy to use Two-Part thermoset sealant designed specifically for Powdered Metal parts processing.  Its stability and ease of management mean it can be readily incorporated into existing P/M thermoset impregnating lines giving good results for plating, machinability and pressure tightness.

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