Impregnating Sealants for Metal Castings

    We provide Casting Impregnation Sealants to meet specific application requirements.  We currently offers three different sealants for impregnating metal castings.  PowRseal, a one part all purpose resin sealant that excels in about 98% of all applications. RC-80ND, a water washable polyester methacrylate resin that provides specific attributes that are used to solve a variety of impregnating problems.  X-900, a sodium silicate solution that can be used in applications where resin costs can far outweigh labor costs, therefore dictating its use.

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    PowRseal(TM) One-Part Impregnating Resin
    Our most versatile and easy to use One-Part (pre-catalyzed) thermoset sealant. PowRseal performs very well for all metals and easily washes completely from surfaces and is best suited for most applications.

    PowRseal is also available as a two part system.

    RC-80ND(TM) Impregnating Resin
    RC-80ND is a two-part thermoset resin that is best suited for applications requiring higher temperature and chemical resistance than PowRseal.

    X-900(TM) Metallic Impregnating Sealant
    X-900 Metalic Sealant is a suspension of finely divided micro-mesh iron and mineral oxides in a base solution of sodium silicate material. X-900 is recommended for very large castings.

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