Sealants For Gross (Visible) Porosity

    IMSEAL-800™ Macro-Porosity Resin
    Your Quick Solution for Sealing Macro-Porosity in Metal Castings and Parts


    • Seals Visible (Gross) Porosity in Castings
    • Stops Leaking Castings
    • Fills Surface Defects
    • Supplements Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
    • Economical, Easy-to-use
    • Pre-measureed Packets

    Easy-to-use, Multi-Purpose Resin

    Our IMSEAL-800 macro-porosity resin is a low viscosity modified two-part epoxy. You will find it the perfect, quick-fix solution for filling blowholes, cracks, surface defects and macro-porosity on iron, aluminum, brass, and other metal castings and parts. IMSEAL-800 can be used without the aid of reinforcing materials on metal parts in tough, pressure-resistant, and high strength applications. IMSEAL-800 is clear and can be special ordered with aluminum, brass or iron fillers.

    Most casting repair resins seal only the part surface. This seal is susceptible to damage by physical shock, chipping off and machining operations.

    Our IMSEAL-800 is drawn beneath the surface - penetrating and filling porosity deep within the wall thickness of a casting. It fills all interconnected passageways becoming a permanent indestructible seal and is not affected by subsequent operations.


    While Other Sealants May Partially Seal,




    IMSEAL-800 Penetrates and Seals Completely


    A Pressure Tight Seal Starts Beneath the Surface

    Our ongoing research and continual development of resins that meet customers' needs has led to the formulation of IMSEAL-800. Its proven sealing ability utilizes a simple heat process which draws the resin deep inside pores producing a permanent seal superior to most other spot sealing resins that are applied only to the part surface. Machining or subsequent operations can then be performed on the part without fear of breaking the seal.

    In addition, cured IMSEAL-800 is resistant to most fuels, oils, alcohols, glycols, solvents, salts, mild acids, freons as well as most other common liquids and gases. IMSEAL-800 is available in these four types:

    • IMSEAL-800 - Clear
    • IMSEAL-801 - Aluminum filled
    • IMSEAL-802 - Brass filled
    • IMSEAL-803 - Iron filled

    Typical Maximum Physical Properties

    Tensile Strength

    9,000 (psi)

    Compressive Strength

    35,000 (psi)

    Compressive Yield

    16,500 (psi)

    Rockwell Hardness


    Temperature Range (constant exposure)

    -65 to 350°F / -55 to 176°C

    Temperature Range (intermittent exposure)

    -80 to 500°F / -62 to 260°C

    Average Values

    Specific Gravity


    Viscosity, cps


    Epoxy Assay, grams/gram-mole epoxy


    Color, Gardner 1933 (unfilled IMSEAL-800)

    9 (max.)

    Storage Life @ 77°F

    24 months in closed container

    Pot Life - activated material @ 77°F

    Less than 45 minutes

    Proven Applications

    • Laminating
    • Potting
    • Encapsulation
    • Macro-Porosity Sealant: Iron, Aluminum, Bronze, Other Alloy Castings

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