Sealants for Electronic Components - The Ideal Solution for Corrosion Control

    PolyFlex 140
    Impregnation Resin for Electronic Components


    • Anerobic
    • Low Curing Temperature
    • Flexible Cure
    • Water Washable
    • Low Viscosity
    • Highly Resistant to Constant
      Temperature Cycling


    PolyFlex 140 is a high quality, water washable, low viscosity anaerobic sealant that cures to form a tough, flexible, thermo set plastic. Due to its flexible nature, PolyFlex 140 is excellent for sealing leak paths found in connectors and wiring harnesses. PolyFlex 140 stands up to constant thermo cycling without losing its sealing integrity, even with dissimilar material such as those found in connectors.

    What Makes PolyFlex 140 so unique?

    PolyFlex 140 is bendable or flexible when fully cured and will not harden over time. This property is essential in sealing dissimilar components that constantly thermo cycle. The flexibility of PolyFlex 140 Sealant can even be adjusted to be harder or softer, depending of the application.

    Anaerobic Curing Technology Assures a Complete Seal
    PolyFlex 140 does not need air to fully cure which means long wiring harness assemblies can be fully sealed. Unlike other sealants, PolyFlex 140 does not require metal to be present for cross linking.

    Water Washable
    PolyFlex 140 washes off the connector surface prior to curing. No dimensional changes occur during the PolyFlex process.

    Waste Management /Resin Recovery Made Simple and Economical.
    PolyFlex 140 separates easily from water with minimum effort and no additional chemicals when used with IMPCO's Res'Net System, a true closed loop system where water re-circulates and resin is separated on a continuing basis. IMPCO's Res'Net system with PolyFlex 140 is simple, economical, and solves the point source environmental issues facing so many.

    Why impregnate Connectors and What is Impregnation Technology?
    One word...Profits. Vacuum resin impregnation sealing using PolyFlex 140 can be more economical than applying epoxies and silicone sealants. The PolyFlex 140 process will produce consistent repeatable results compared to hand applied sealants typically used to seal electronic components. PolyFlex 140 also cures consistently and is backed by IMPCO's dedication to improving the technology of making impregnation simple, repeatable and reliable. This reliability translates to better impregnation operations, success with your impregnated components, and bigger profits for your operation.


    Cure Temperature

    140°F / (60°C)

    Operating Temperature

    -65 to 350°F / -55 to 177°C


    >200°F / 95°C

    Specific Gravity


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