Quickly repair casting porosity

    ...with a paintbrush!

    Introducing Brush-On™ Porosity Sealing Kits for cast iron, aluminum, brass castings, weldments and brazings.

    • Ideal for low-volume parts and large castings
    • Safe and water washable
    • No VOCs. 100% solids
    • Save repair time and re-work costs
    • Minimize scrap costs
    • No outside processing costs and delays
    • No expensive equipment

    As simple to use as:

    Mix Resin

    Mix two components in contailer supplied with kit. No VOCs. 100% solids.

    Brush On

    porous surfaces

    Ultra-low viscosity sealant wicks into porosity, cracks and fissures, and cures in the absence of air.

    Wash Off

    excess resin

    Using water, simply wash off any uncured resin from the part's surface.

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    Low-viscosity for ferrous and brass castings



    Low-viscosity for aluminum and aluminum alloy casttings



    Mid-viscosity for large visual porosity



    Low-viscosity for sealing porosity in welds


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