RC-80ND™ Impregnating Resin

    Two-Part Impregnating Resin for Metal Castings Provides High Resistance to Temperature and Chemicals


    • High Temperature Resistance
    • High Chemical Resistance
    • Impregnates All Metals
    • Cost-Effective
    • Stable
    • Dry or Wet Vacuum Sealing
    • Certified to MIL-I-17563C
    • No Unpleasant Odors
    • Water Washable


    For Specialized Applications,
    RC-80ND Can Save You Time, Money, and Improve Casting Quality

    Formulated Specifically for Castings Impregnation

    RC-80ND is a specially formulated Two-Part thermo-setting resin designed for the impregnation of all types of micro- and macro-porous, ferrous and non-ferrous alloy castings as well as other metal and non-metal parts.  RC-80ND is a result of IMPCO's ongoing research and development efforts to provide users with a superior sealing impregnating resin with outstanding physical and chemical resistance properties.  Cured, RC-80ND impregnating resin is resistant to fuels, oils, alcohols, glycols, solvents, salts, mild acids and freons, and it has excellent dielectric properties.  RC-80ND is uninhibited by copper based alloys.

    Operating Economies and Problem-Free Cure

    The low viscosity and high polarity of RC-80ND impregnating resin ensure deep penetration, low materials consumption and a lower impregnating cost per unit.  Its inherent flexibility provides excellent pressure and temperature resistance, as well as high resistance to physical and thermal shock.

    RC-80ND impregnating resin is designed and formulated for short cycle operations of 10 to 20 minutes.  It is easily cleaned and rinsed from the part surface.  Parts processed with RC-80ND come out clean, completely cured, and "job ready" for immediate testing or use.  Overall part quality is improved through the virtual elimination of bleedout problems on the part surface.


    Water Washable

    RC-80ND is biodegradable and washes in plain water.

    Features and Specifications

    Curing temperature range

    200°F ± 5°F / 95°C ± 2°C

    Operating temperature range

    -65 to 350°F / -55 to 176°C

    Intermittent operating temperature range*

    -80 to 450°F / -62 to 232°C

    Max. tested pressure resistance

    Maximum Casting Pressure Rating


    >200°F / 95°C

    Typical Applications



    Electrical & Electronic Components

    Water & Fuel Pumps

    Gas & Steam Fittings

    Plastic Molds

    Hydraulic Systems

    Gear Housings

    Fuel Systems





    Refrigeration Components

    Brake Systems

    Pneumatic Systems

    Ceramic Parts

    Carbon & Metal Seals

    Builder's Hardware

    Wired Parts

    Transmission Cases


    * Range may be greater.

    Consult IMPCO for your specific requirements.

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