PoreSeal S Anaerobic Impregnating Resin For Powdered Metal Parts


    • Dramatically Improves Machinability
    • Completely Fills and Cures for Excellent Plating... Eliminating Salt-out
    • Makes Parts Pressure Tight
    • Anaerobic Curing
    • Progressive Dye Technology
    • Ambient Curing Temperature (ACT)
    • Recoverable Via Res'Net System

    PoseSeal S

    PoreSeal S is an anaerobic impregnating resin designed for powdered metal parts. It provides for dramatic improvements in machinability, excellent plating compatibility due to salt-out elimination, and pressure tight parts.  Progressive Dye Technology provides visible proof of resin cure. Excellent rinsing and sealing and ease of water recovery also realized.  

    PoreSeal S is normally packaged in 55 gallon non-returnable drums.

    Ambient Curing Temperature (ACT) Impregnation Resin for Powdered Metal

    PoreSeal S is an Ambient Cure Temperature (ACT) impregnation resin engineered to seal powdered metal parts completely, and then fully wash from the surface of the part. Developed using our fifty years of impregnation material engineering experience, PoreSeal S meets the unique needs of ACT resin users demanding greater ease-of-use and economy from their existing impregnation systems. PoreSeal S fills your parts and leaves the surface clean for trouble-free plating or finishing.

    What Makes PoreSeal S so unique?

    Progressive Dye Technology (PDT)

    PDT is PoreSeal's unique cure indicator. When placed under a "black light", deep purple means uncured. Bright florescence means cured. You now have instantly visible quality control that is positive and repeatable.




    With PoreSeal S, fill percentages are the highest tested. For plating, black oxide or other finishes, the results on the left are the norm - no salt-out, no rejects.

    Impregnated Powdered Metal Parts Exhibit
    Complete Fills With Proof of Cure

    Better Machinability

    And Verifiable Cures for Improved Plating Without Salt-out


    Want to increase tool life, minimize tool chatter and produce less burrs? PoreSeal S provides great results as the table below shows.

    Type of Resin

    Parts Threaded per Tap

    1.  PORESEAL S (1st GROUP)


    2.  Competitor A


    3.  Competitor B (1st GROUP)


    4.  Competitor B (2nd GROUP)


    5.  PORESEAL S (2nd GROUP)


    Resin Recovery is Simple and Economical

    PoreSeal S separates easily from water with a minimum of effort and no additional chemicals when used with IMPCO's Res'Net system. The result is a true closed loop system where water re-circulates and resin is separated on a continuing basis. Our Res'Net system with PoreSeal S is simple, economical, and solves the point source environmental issues facing so many.

    Why Impregnate and What is Impregnation Technology?

    One word...Profits. Our PoreSeal S impregnation reduces costs by converting scrap parts to high quality components. For castings, leakers are put back into production. For powdered metal parts, expensive machining, poor plating, or pressure tightness problems are solved. The result is more parts in production, and lower costs for the manufacturer. Our dedication to the technology of making impregnation simple, repeatable and reliable translates to better operations and success for your impregnated parts, and bigger profits for your operation.


    Cure Temperature

    90°F / (30°C)

    Operating Temperature

    -65 to 350°F / -55 to 177°C


    200°F / 95°C

    Specific Gravity


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