Two-Part Thermoset Resin System For Impregnating Powdered Metal Parts


    • Greater stability at higher temperatures
    • No Aeration Required
    • Good plating and machinability
    • Good penetration and rinsability of parts
    • Fluorescent dye in resin allows visual inspection
    • Available in Higher Viscosity for Low Density Powdered Metal Parts
    • Lowers operating costs
    • Impregnation process does not need to be altered due to alloy
    • Can be incorporated into Existing Thermoset Impregnating Lines

    For Specialized Applications, IPM Can Save You Time, Money, and Improve P/M Part Quality

    Formulated Specifically for Powdered or Sintered Metal Impregnation

    IPM is a specially formulated Two-Part thermo-setting resin designed for the impregnation of all types of powder metal parts.  Our IPM is designed to provide good impregnation of powdered metal or sintered parts produced from Iron, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Copper Infiltrated and Alloys containing Phosphorous.


    Features and Specifications

    Curing temperature range

    90°C (195°F)

    Operating temperature range

    -55°C (-65°F) to 176°C (350°F)

    Intermittent operating temperature range

    -62°C (-80°F) to 262°C (450°F)


    >95°C (200°F)


    Light Amber

    Specific Gravity



    80 S.D.

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