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    Below you will find a variety of articles published over the past several years in industry trade publications.

    Preventing Leaks, Improving Looks, Increasing Profits For those in the business of finishing decorative parts, it is no secret that high part rejection rates caused by unacceptable end-product finishes which are the result of porosity cut deeply into profits.

    Impregnating Large Castings Small Leaks Can Cause Big Problems in Big Castings. Learn more about Impregnating Large Castings

    Nanoporosity Requires Innovative Resin Impregnation Processes to Stop Casting Leaks As the quality of castings improve, unavoidable porosity becomes smaller and tighter, and it becomes progressively more abundant as the part geometry becomes more complex...


    Die Cast Porosity Control: The Part vs. The Process A window of opportunity has opened for American die casters who had the acumen and fortitude to survive the offshore outsourcing boom of recent years.



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