Sealant and Water Recycling Technology

    Save the Water, Save the World

    The Res'Net resin recovery technology designed by IMPCO can close your water consumption loop.

    The Res'Net system re-circulates the wash water and the resin along with any heavy metals and separates them on a continuous basis. Res'Net technology can solve your water consumption problems, meet your discharge limits to sewer and guarantee solid wastes will pass TCLP as non-leaching and non-hazardous.

    The Res'Net process utilizes solubility characteristics of each ingredient. As the reactant is added to the effluent, the chemicals will dissolve in sequence, thus the extraction from water of dissolved heavy metals, oils, resin, and other suspended solids occurs with the most soluble of the ingredients. The gathering of contaminants (agglomeration/flocculation) follows via the solubility of the second group of ingredients. Finally, encapsulation into a non-leaching solid is accomplished when the third group of ingredients is dissolved. The last set of chemistries provides weight (for fast separation of floc), integrity of floc, and encapsulation of the contaminants...the result is clean water.
    (See the "Heart of the system" diagram).

    The Res'Net system provides a Simple, Safe and Cost Effective method to manage small stream effluent associated with vacuum resin impregnation systems. A unique one step powder treatment is the heart of its technology. ResNet is don't need highly skilled technical personnel, Res'Net is safe... because no harsh chemicals are required (acids and caustics) and Res'Net is cost effective... because based on haul away costs, Res'Net is less than 1/3 the cost.

    The bottom line: reduced wastewater handling costs equal increased profits for your business and when coupled with clean resin recovery, your wash quality will always be at its maximum.

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