Impregnating Equipment

    Whether you your needs dictate a Dry Vacuum and Pressure, Wet Vacuum and Pressure or just Wet Vacuum process, IMPCO's complete line of innovative impregnation systems are designed to meet your manufacturing requirements from simple manual systems to totally automated systems with integral material handling units.


    The most important difference between each of the three different types of systems is manpower or direct labor cost associated with operating the equipment.

    The TAC System is a "Totally Automated System" with central control over all impregnating functions as well as materials (basket) handling functions.

    The PAC System is a "Partially Automated System" with local controls for all impregnating functions.  Materials (basket) handling is performed manually.

    The M System is a "Manual" system that has a panel with manual valves to control the vacuum pump and impregnation cycles.  Materials (basket) handling is also performed manually with this system.

    Equipment ranges in size from 18" to 60" in diameter and all controls are based on the latest, up-to-date technology.

    Below are charts showing both the Direct Labor associated with operating each system as well as Standard System Sizes for equipment.

    Direct Labor Time

    Standard System Sizes

    Choose from the Systems below for more information.

    TAC 90 Series
    Totally automated Impregnation Systems for the ultimate in process control, optimal production and complete elimination of direct labor. The TAC 90 Series is the system of choice for maintaining your ISO 9000 process manufacturing requirements.

    PAC 24-60 Series
    The PAC Series is a partially automated Impregnation systems for standard production requirements. The automation feature of this system provides for a degree of reduced direct labor. Upgrades are available to maintain cost controls and attain your ISO 9000 process manufacturing requirements.

    M 24-30 Series
    For limited production requirements, the M series is a low-cost, manually controlled impregnation systems. that includes all the components needed to make porous parts pressure tight: This in an economical, non automated Impregnation system for low production requirements.

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