PAC 24-60 Series

    Partially Automated Controls (PAC) Impregnation System

    Impco's PAC 24-60 Series Impregnation Systems provide completely automatic impregnating process cycles. Each station is locally controlled and baskets are transferred manually.

    This system features a vacuum-pressure impregnation process which has been proven to deliver superior sealing efficiency. Designed primarily for use with the "Impco Impregnation Process", the system will seal your parts automatically, consistently and economically.

    When sealing parts, the operator places baskets of material to be impregnated in the vacuum/pressure vessel. A touch of the master starting button carries out the complete dry vacuum-pressure impregnating cycle according to easily preprogrammed requirements. The operator is free to perform other tasks until the impregnation cycle is completed. Manual override is immediately available as may be necessary or desirable.

    System dimensions are determined by customer's part size and production requirements. Vessel size determines dimensions of all other components and begins at 24" in diameter increasing to 54" in diameter in 6 inch increments. Baskets are 3 inches smaller in diameter than the vessel. Basket height is sized to meet customer application. Specially designed systems and baskets are available upon request.

    Feature and Specification Highlights for PAC 24-60 Series

    Impregnation Station

        Cure Station
    ASME Coded Vessel std   Aeration opt
    High Level Sensor std   Auto Cover opt
    Level Sight Glass std   Auto Fill opt
    Lo Level Sensor std   Auto Level Sensing opt
    Pneumatic Closing Head & Locking Rings std   Auto Temperature Control std
    Safety Interlocks std   Drain 2" std
    "Side Pull" Vacuum std   Extra Coupling std
    Sight Port opt   Heat Electric 220/460 Vac opt
          Heat Gas opt
    Vacuum Pump
        Heat Steam opt
    Auto Timers std   Insulated Aluminum Jacketing std
    Flow Sensor opt   Manual Cover std
    Water Cooled std   Remote Temperature Readout opt
    220/460 VAC 50/60 Cycles std   Remote Timer opt
          304 Stainless std
    Control Panel
    Ball Valves-Electric Pneumatic std   Resin Recovery Station
    Compact Design std   Air Filter std
    End of Cycle Indicator std   Air Lubricator std
    Manual Operation Mode std   Auto Resin Return opt
    "NEMA" Enclosures std   Balance Sensor opt
    Pneumatic Regulators std   Centrifuge opt
    Pressure Electronic Interlocks opt   Manual Cover std
    Programmable Controllers std   Pneumatic Cover opt
    Single Lubricator (Pneumatic) std   Pneumatic Drive std
    Single Point Vessel Control std   Timer std
    Vacuum/Pressure Sight Gauge std      
    Vacuum Trap std   Central Point Connections
    Visual Indicators
    std   Air opt
          Power opt
    Storage Unit
        Sewer opt
    Electric Temperature Control std   Water opt
    Hinged Cover std      
    Insulated std   Options
    Low Maintenance Aluminum Jacket std   Drip Pan Recovery std
    Mild Steel Construction std   Safety Screen opt
    Visual Temperature Probe opt   Work Platform opt
    Wash/Rinse Station
    Aeration opt   Hoist-Electric 1000 lb. opt
    Auto-Level Control opt   Omni Pick™ Pick-up Device opt
    Back Flow "Water Saver" Rinses std      
    Drain 2" std      
    Front Mount Controls std      
    Overflow Wier std      
    Platform Surger opt      
    Surger-Suspended 8" std      
    Water Inlet 1" std      
    "Water Saver " ™ Timer opt      
    304 Stainless Steel Construction std      


    Standard System Sizes and Capabilities*

    System Size

    Basket Dimension
    Basket Volume
    Production Capacity
    Avg. Wt. Per
    Iron, Bronze
    Powder Metal Avg. Wt. Per Cycle
    24" 22" dia x 24" deep
    55 cm x 61 cm
    5.3 cu. feet

    .15 m³

    220 Lbs.
    99.8 Kg.
    400 Lbs.
    180 Kg.
    30" 27" dia x 30" deep
    68 cm x 76 cm
    10 cu. feet

    .3 m³

    350 Lbs.
    160 Kg.
    750 Lbs.
    340 Kg.
    36" 33" dia x 30" deep
    84 cm x 76 cm
    14.25 cu. feet

    .40 m³

    625 Lbs.
    283.5 Kg.
    1000 Lbs.
    455 Kg.
    42" 39" dia x 30" deep
    99 cm x 76 cm
    21.8 cu. feet

    .6 m³

    850 Lbs.
    385 Kg.
    1500 Lbs.
    680 Kg.
    48" 45" dia x 30" deep
    114 cm x 76 cm
    27.8 cu. feet

    .78 m³

    1250 Lbs.
    567 Kg.
    2000 Lbs.
    910 Kg.
    54" 51" dia x 30" deep
    130 cm x 76 cm
    35.5 cu. feet

    1.0 m³

    1600 Lbs.
    725.7 Kg.
    2000 Lbs.
    910 Kg.

    * Approximate

    When requesting quotations please specify material, type, size and production volume of parts per shift to be impregnated. Our engineers will be glad to make recommendations upon receipt of appropriate information.

    Equipment illustrated shows an example of a Dry Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation system and incorporates the following:

    1. Impregnate Storage Tank
    2. Automated Control Panel and Vacuum Pump
    3. Vacuum pressure vessel designed to operate from full vacuum to 100 PSI, -features pneumatic quick opening head and lock ring with safety interlocks, sight glass and probes for liquid level control
    4. Counterflow Wash and Rinse Tank (Platform surger optional)
    5. Suspended parts basket is attached to optional automatic casting surger system for controlled washing
    6. Cure Tank (electrical or steam heated) with safety splash guard

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