IMPCO offers a variety of new and used equipment for sealing porosity in Metal Castings, Powdered Metal Parts, Electronic Components, Ceramics and Micro-Cracked Nickel/Chrome.

    In addition, IMPCO can provide you with sealant and water recycling technology to help keep you in full compliance with all local, state and federal mandates.

    Impregnating Equipment
    Whether you decide to utilize a Dry Vacuum and Pressure, Wet Vacuum and Pressure or just Wet Vacuum process, IMPCO's complete line of innovative impregnation systems are designed to meet your manufacturing requirements from simple manual systems to totally automated material handling units. Equipment ranges in size from 18" to 60" in diameter with all controls based on modern, up-to-date technology.

    Sealant and Water Recycling Technology
    The Res'Net system re-circulates the wash water and the resin along with any heavy metals and separates them on a continuous basis. Res'Net technology can solve...

    Used Equipment
    Visit our gallery for descriptions and pictures (if available) of used and refurbished equipment.

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