Markets Served

    We serve virtually every major market where metal castings, powder metal parts, electronic components and ceramic parts are used.

    Our sealing expertise is used to solve the difficult porosity problems that other companies can't.

    Our systems can be found in manufacturing facilities serving Automotive, Medical, Instrumentation, Construction Equipment, Appliances, Tools, Plumbing, etc. Anywhere porosity is a problem, we have a solution.

    Below you will find a brief photo gallery of just some of the markets where Impregnation has proven itself as a cost effective solution to porosity problems.


    Trucking: Brakes, Transmissions, etc.

    Compressed Air and Gas Systems

    Pumping Systems

    Offshore Drilling

    Electronic Components


    Automotive Braking Systems

    Pressurized Spraying Systems

    Fire Safety Equipment

    Hydraulic And Control Systems




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