Impregnation Resins, Equipment, and Services

    Godfrey & Wing is globally committed to producing high quality Vacuum Resin Impregnation Sealants and Equipment. We also manufacture and install Wet Vacuum and Dry Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation Systems. Godfrey & Wing specialists engineer vacuum resin impregnation processes and implement unique equipment and resin designs to solve customer problems.  IMPCO installs these engineered systems into customer facilities, or where more economical, provides impregnation services through its job shop facilitiy located in Rhode Island.

    Our long experience in impregnation techniques and extensive line of impregnation sealants include both Anaerobic impregnation resins and Thermoset impregnation resins. Anaerobic impregnation resins cure or cross link in the absence of air at room temperatures.  They are ideal for sealing powdered metal parts and electrical connectors. Thermoset impregnation resins cure at elevated temperatures, generally at 195°F/90°C, have excellent chemical resistance and excel in sealing castings.

    We also offer room temperature curing Flexible Sealants that make Electrical Connectors completely water tight thereby preventing corrosion when used in severe conditions.

    Materials, Equipment and Services

    Godfrey & Wing is an industry leading company with over 50 years of experience in Impregnation Technology.  Godfrey & Wing provides all necessary materials, equipment, and service to establish or supply in-house impregnation operations.  In addition, our fully equipped job shops are available to fill specialized impregnation, vacuum vapor degreasing, and parts cleaning needs.  This full-service capability allows us to maximize the economies and effectiveness of Impregnation Technology to solve customers' porosity associated problems.

    Throughout the U.S. and around the globe, Godfrey & Wing has installed equipment, furnished materials, and provides services for the efficient sealing of porous parts. With quick and effective sealing of ferrous and nonferrous metal castings and assemblies, as well as plastic parts, Godfrey & Wing has saved its customers thousands of dollars by enabling them to put leak-proof parts into production.

    We offer all necessary equipment and technologies to establish impregnation facilities for foundries and other companies in-house finishing operations.  Godfrey & Wing supplies customers with appropriate impregnation materials that include polyester resins, sodium silicate, and epoxies, and provides training and support. Our impregnation processes and materials are engineered for minimal environmental impact and maximum safety in the workplace.

    With a standard line of impregnation equipment that can be easily modified to fit unique customer requirements, our process versatility gives the best results for customers' production requirements.  We also provides continuing technical assistance, either directly through on-site presence or through Web-based technologies that allow the company to monitor production parameters.

    For customers who do not want to perform their own impregnation and cleaning operations, we offer job shop services for both small and larger parts and also performs impregnation of large castings and molds at customer sites.  Godfrey & Wing has considerable experience in impregnating a wide range of part sizes, from components measured in millimeters to parts over 20 feet long and several tons in weight.

    Proven impregnation applications include those for electronic components, powdered metal parts, hydraulic systems, valves, compressors, glass and ceramic parts, engines, truck and railway brake parts, automotive carburetors, fuel injection systems, water and fuel pumps, gas and steam fittings, micro-cracked Nickel Chrome, and transmission cases. 

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